Central PA 4th Fest

Written by at June 15, 2012

The 4thFest is a daylong, family oriented, patriotic birthday party held July 4th on the east campus of Penn State University. The 4thFest is organized by Central Pennsylvania July 4, Inc., a non-profit organization (501(c)(3)) with an all-volunteer Board and leadership team. Over 500 volunteers and 220 sponsors are dedicated to celebrating America’s independence with fun filled activities and the best all-volunteer fireworks display in the nation. Volunteers work year-round to plan and organize the activities and events for the July 4th event.

Each year the audience anticipates a spectacular fireworks display to celebrate the birth of our country.  The 4thFest has been rated the 3rd Largest, Biggest, Best 4th of July Fireworks show in the United States by the international fireworks website Fireworks Guide. The all volunteer pyrotechnics team has created what promises to be another fabulous show for 2012.

The planning for the 2012 fireworks began in the fall of 2011.  First the music was selected by the choreography team then they designed the effects for this years 45 minute show.  Included this year will be over 180 different types of shells which will generate the traditional loud Ooohs…, Ahhh’s… and spontaneous applause.  How many in total you ask… almost 10,540 before the show is over.

Admission Free (Donations accepted)


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