2012 Marin County Fair Fireworks

Written by at June 10, 2012

Watch in awe as the sky above the Fair illuminates with a watershed of exciting new effects. Using the skies as its canvas, this truly immersive entertainment experience will be one not to miss as it fills the Marin skies every night of the Fair.

Pyro Spectaculars, the producers of the fireworks show of the Fair since 1989, is a leader in the fireworks display industry. Their pioneering use of electronic and computer controlled displays fuses together the ancient art of fireworks with current technology. The company has produced many national and international events such as the Olympics, Super Bowls, Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, Statue of Liberty Centennial and many more world-class events.

Be sure to look for the crowd’s favorites, Whistling Dixie, and The Americana along with the Golden Eagle that will form a giant golden canopy cascading from the sky.

The fireworks take place every night of the Fair, shot from three barges over the lagoon in a low-level, safely choreographed extravaganza of music, rockets, Roman candles, comets, meteoric showers and spectacular bursting cascades – all beautifully reflected in the water below.

Bring the entire family and enjoy this amazing new show every night of the Fair, from June 30 through July 4 at 9:30 p.m.


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