Weirs Beach Fireworks

Written by at June 10, 2012

Watch spectacular fireworks over Weirs Beach while hundreds of boats light up the bay below!

Please call the Weirs Information Booth at 603-366-4770 for any questions regarding the fireworks schedule information seen below. The booth is open from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day weekend. Hours are from 10am-5pm on Thurs-Sat and from 10-4pm on Sun-Wed.

Regular Summer Season Shows Fridays at 10pm: Schedule to be announced later based on fundraising efforts.

All of the above shows are fired from the beach, which is closed to the public during fireworks shows. Excellent views of the fireworks are available from the boardwalk and public docks.

There are also available, on occasion, special fireworks cruises and fireworks trains from which to observe the fireworks. (The view from a cruise boat or private boat in Weirs Bay is especially lovely, with the fireworks exploding nearly directly overhead.)

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