Tacoma’s Freedom Fair 4th of July Fireworks

Written by at June 24, 2012

Herre is a sneak preview of the spectacular grand finale to the Tacoma Freedom Fair, an event presented by the Tacoma Events Commission – a community-based, volunteer-driven, independent non-profit organization – founded 32 years ago.  The fireworks barge will be centered on the middle of the event site on the Ruston Way waterfront.  There aren’t any bad viewing locations along Ruston Way!

The fireworks show begins at 10:10 pm and will include shells ranging from three to ten inches in diameter – the size of basketballs!  The height each shell reaches after firing varies depending on size, with the largest reaching a height of almost a quarter of a mile before bursting.

The show includes hundreds of color-changing shells ranging from purple to white with brilliant sapphire blue, gold changing to red and blue, and gold glitter to purple with white strobes.  Colorful crackling candles and shells will rain and arc over Commencement Bay.

The extravaganza concludes with a spectacular grand finale that will feature every color in the rainbow and will shake the entire city and beyond.

The fireworks show is produced by Western Display Fireworks, a fourth-generation company locaqted outside Portland that has been presenting fireworks shows for almost six decades in the Northwest and around the world  on July 4th, the company will supply more than 250 fireworks displays throughout the country.


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