Putnam County Fair Fireworks

Written by at June 3, 2012

What’s everyone so excited about? They’re excited about er…well, the excitement coming to the Putnam County Fair, June 18 – 23. Indeed, “More excitement than EVER!” awaits in Ottawa triggered by a rejuvenated, reinvented, reinvigorated, exhilarating entertainment extravaganza! Yeah! That’s a mouthful. But it’s just a taste of “What’s cookin’?” at the 2012 fair – a virtual main course of enticing entertainment.
Speaking of enticement, have you ever looked an elephant in the eye or the trunk for that matter? You can at the all new Elephant Encounter staged in a tropical setting. “Kids” of all ages are in for “tons of fun” as they get up close and perhaps personal with a 9000 pound magnificent monstrosity of a mammal.
Meetings with the wild in the “wild” continue in the one-of-kind Jungle Island Petting Zoo. It really is a jungle in there! Confront exotic creatures of all species – some you’ve never heard of – and live to tell about it. You will have plenty to say!
And there’s plenty more to excite at the 2012 Putnam County Fair. Grandstand entertainment will be nothing less that grand. Figure 8 Racing figures to be a big hit. Cars and trucks will be at high speed and on course or “off course” as the case my be. The demolition derbies promise “high impact” excitement of their own. Vehicles get crinkled and wrinkled. Drivers get jarred and jolted. It’s a virtual deluge of destruction!
The Grandstand is transformed into a bandstand for the ever popular High School Band Spectacular prefaced by the annual tribute to our Armed Forces. Soldiers both past and present are saluted for their sacrifice and service in a devotional and emotional tribute to all Veterans. March on!
You may have to defend yourself though when WAR Wrestling comes back to town. This brand of “Action at the Arches” doesn’t just talk smack, it delivers smack! Get up close but stay back! The excitement is nonstop.
You’ll have to stop and see The Caboodlestoppers. Watch them strolling on the midway or catch their act on the main stage. They’ll catch your attention with headturning, jaw-dropping, sky high crazy, wildly wacky out-of-this world entertainment. It’s a gusher of goofy fun for all!
Good tunes and great times will flow from the Entertainment Tent. Gyrate to the vibes of Nashville Crush, Polly Mae, Bekah Bradley and more!

While the music shakes up the airways, we’ll light up the skyways. All new fireworks punctuate the fair with a bold exclamation point. Experience the low-profile, highly dynamic illustrious illumination. You have to see ’em to believe ’em! And you have to see us to see them…these fireworks are only visible on the fairgrounds!

One Day Admission at Gate

Adult, age 13 and over……………..$5.00

Children, age 12 and under ………FREE      Does not include any rides

Season Pass………………………….$20.00

Purchased at Secretary’s Office. Allows entrance every day of fair. No voting rights. Does not include any rides

Membership Pass ………………….$20.00

Purchased at Secretary’s Office. Must be resident of Putnam County. Allows entrance every day of fair. Right to vote for Board of Directors. Does not include any rides.



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